I've taught piano part-time since the 1990s. These days I won't accept children. The need for my own greater strictness, means a better outcome for the student and myself, is possible without starting this relationship. However, as a highly successful adult late starter myself, I will accept adult amateurs and adult beginners for classical piano lessons, and I am especially qualified for that role, more so than the vast majority of piano teachers.

With my immense knowledge of the piano acquired over 30+ years, including the performance of it, its performers, composers, and repertoire, I still see the broader picture. I understand that the formation of identities or obsessions of any type, work against you (see my books on www.michaelholme.com). Therefore, whilst some say music is life, I say they are categorically wrong, because life is always bigger than music: fact, I know.

My postcode of M403HY literally locates me on the Chadderton - New Moston border. My piano is a state of the art, thoroughly professional quality, Roland LX708 digital. It is a dream to play. Half hour lessons cost £15 a week. Under some circumstance I will offer them fortnightly for the same price. I don't tend to offer hour long lessons, unless the student is especially dedicated. Basically, I understand that adults have varying amounts of free time to practise music, and I try to fit with their lives.

Please use the contact form if you want to talk about the piano or having lessons with me.